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1 juillet 2006 6 01 /07 /juillet /2006 07:42
Hy, hola, Guten Tag ! ! !

Here is my first international message, from Vancouver, Canada.
How are you all ?

I arrived here on June 15thh, and spent the first two nights at Maité, a trully sympathetic girl, who makes research on brain cancer. It may help me one day por mi pequeno cerebro.
Then move to the west of the town at Alex, Akram, and Wes house.. Here, the population varies between 2 into 5 The other stages of the house are  independents, and in something like 10 people live in this a little bit destoyed house of a nice district. And we are 10 minutes walking of the beach.
For my part, I sleep in the garden, a tent with Internet access : que rico ! !


From 19 to the 26, I was working. I spent three days to World Urban Forum. Some meetings were interesting, especially those regarding the place of the young people in the city, our role to change the world.
After that it was a lot of : "bla bla bla… ", thus  I moved my way to the Worl Urban Festival. The official and cultural part of the Forum.
And I was right. A la carte : how the culture can improve the life in the cities!
During 4 days, I spent my days to see contemporary  dance, modern theatre. Without forgetting the  music, the installations, engaged discution with engaging artists! ! My brain was happy ! Nourished  well!

Unfortunately, it seems that these questions : urbanity, , better living downtown hardly not interest France. I was one of the only French: no ONG, nor sector private, public, or artist…And no newspaper, magazine  seem to interest by what happened to Vancouver. However, with regard to the young people, their stigmatization,  the life in the underprivileged districts it seems to me that in France, there is job to do…
This week was devoted to sailing part  of the job, and  many walks in the city.

Likes, do not like?

While arriving from Mexico, the change is radical. It is clean, there are trees everywhere everywhere  everywhere, the broad pavements are bordered with on grass. Parks punctuate the inordinately long streets..
Then, on one side the city is protected by the  mountains, and on the other we are foot in the Pacific.
The largest shock also comes from incredible diversity of the  population living here. And the majority is tattooed, pierced,  both, and sometimes more. It’s make a long time I hadn’t seen so many creazy looking people, and also homeless.

Regularly, the city is elected "the most pleasant city of the  world". Admittedly, but! !
As far as I’m concerned, all those perpendicular, ultra clean streets, the grass without never a bit which exceeds (except on our  premises! !), a city and its perfectly oiled life, without surprise, glossy…One smells oneself a little in a video  game, or in a perfect world…A little too much for me. Not enough rock'n'roll. It is similar with the  population, a little bit too smooth.
Oula the small man will be red in two seconds, one will not cross…grrrr.
Everyone beautiful and nice, but is polished a little too much,  which quickly poses a kind of individualistic barrier. Then the life is expensive!
But on the other hand, bio, organic stuff , the sorting of waste, transport in commun runs  elctric, the everyday life sustainable development is already largely anchored in the culture.
The large positive point, is that nowadays there are full of festivals and a lot of the music everywhere.

As you may read, Vancouver  surprises me by its population, but I do not think of returning there. Lastly, it is never known but that will surprise me that it is one of my first choices.

In the next days, I will go me around, will go to  see a friend in Seattle.

I hope that all occurs well for you, be relaxe, the holidays….

Take care, asta pronto

Ps : onthe right, you can click for picture of actual and previous trip.

PS2 : hope there are not too many mistakes.
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