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18 juillet 2006 2 18 /07 /juillet /2006 22:52
Hello everyone!
How are you?

Here finally some news from Vancouver, because yes, I am still there.
I could not leave this city without trying to understand why it would be one of the most pleasant cities in the world. Here are some issues.


Without report with the beginning, but more in one chronological order now, I went spent a small week at Seattle : back in Mexico. I slept in a Mexican friend, and in the condo live as another Mexican, Chilean and Péruvienne…Que bueno! Leaving one hour away of the downtown, I also spent a night at Mandy’s place. She lives an small house in full center. Just to enjoy night life.
The city still got old buildings out of bricks, and an old center, more cordial than the dowtown full with large buildings.
Arriving the national yankee day, we went to see fireworks on a hill overhanging the city. And yeah, they are strong these yankees. Sometimes the beautiful blue one, was a cube  or a smiley, that there excactly this one J, with green eyes, a quite red mouth and a yellow face…
only for The Experiment Music Project, the city is worth a tour. A terrible gallery of guitars, the one dedicated to Jimmy H., full with remembering, and for the architecture, it is Frank Gehry (Gugenheim in Bilbao).

Return In Vancouver

Back in my tent, I benefit from my days to walk along the immense avenues of the city, looking the galleries, reading here and there, playing of the guitar on the beach, meeting Jean and Jennifer, his friend! Incredible. J met Jean in World Urban Festival, and since, to each time I ballade or will listen to music, we sow each other.
Here all is determined per block, or angle. To live the 3th which occurred, wants nothing to say, puisqu’it crosses the city.
Each district has its commercial street, with restaurants, bars, store etc…a mini city in fact, and often the boxes are green. And if, like my hosts, you live at 10 minutes of the beach, and that you like sport,  it is true that the quality of life is incredible.

Moreover, this cutting of the city develops the Community feeling. In fact, the homeless, which are more of the « vagabonds ? », have for the majority a carriage filled. Here, recycling brings money, all is consigned. In short in the "specialized" dustbins (all be sorted) offer a source of income for many of them. And thus, if no head exceeds, nobody has it under water. The head.

And so much better, because here, the Pacific is straightforwardly cold! I tested this weekend! indeed, there was Folk Festival, which is held in a park sticking the beach. Therefore, without paying, you benefit from the music. And Sunday, Jennifer could make me enter for the last concerts. A good fort week end, therefore. Like all those last since the beginning, because each time: full with music.


« Do not » is one of the key words of the city. In a coach of Skytrain (subway), the words being referred to the "security and safety" appear about thirty times, the red rounds fiften times! !
The sale of cigarette is completely illegal under 19 years. But if you look like  19 and 30 years, and Ba, one requires your chart D identity’of you. Even with a good week of barb! !
With the folk festival: no beers! ! No the voice’raising in crowd, not bursts of laughter sound…
The city lives in a kind of bubulle, or everyone is free to be, to make anything without never going too far. A city without taking risk, smooth.

You’ll have understood my feelings are mitigated towards this ity. The modern architecture, without style, nor charms, plays –in what relates to me much in discredit of the city.

However, everyone should come here, to see, how nice is black, the yellow, the white, the chestnut, tattooed, piercé, the young rappor, the old man hippy living all together, in peace and the respect! !


I leave the 20th for Montreal. I found a guy which drive east.
The photo album is update, and below, two vidéos of the folk festival.

Cheers, besos !

The videoooos
and here also
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